Probate Doesn't Need to Be a Nightmare

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If your loved one passed away without a valid will, you and your family are likely dealing with probate court. A probate litigation attorney can help you settle the estate quickly and effectively. Schedule a probate litigation consultation by calling our Wichita Falls, Texas location now.
*Informational estate planning & probate consultation fees are $125.00 for thirty (30) minutes, or $275.00 per hour.
*A Free consultation is provided for clients hiring Mrs. Brown to handle the case.
*Consultation Fees are due before a consultation shall begin.

Why you should make drafting a will a priority

Simply telling your family what your final wishes are isn't enough. Drafting a will with an attorney lets you...
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  1. Keep your estate out of probate: Move your assets to your heirs easily by creating a valid will.
  2. Make decisions about your property: Control who will receive what portion of your estate.
  3. Name your beneficiaries: Help keep peace in your family by preventing disputes over your estate.

Kathleen Brown Attorney at Law, PLLC of Wichita Falls, TX charges a flat rate for drafting a will, meaning it doesn't matter how complicated your wishes are. Contact us today by calling 940-692-8220 now.