I have worked with attorneys in the past, both as a litigant and as an employee. When representing my mother's estate for claims of medical negligence, Ms. Brown was compassionate; caring about not just my case but how what had happened impacted me on a personal level. But, she was also aggressive and hardworking in prosecuting the claim. Definitely someone you want to have on your side.

Cinda E.

The best you can have in a situation you don't want to be in. Kathleen was extremely personable and beyond reproach. She was very responsive to any and all questions and was someone I trusted to handle my affairs with the utmost trust.

Dan H.

vehicle/motorcycle collision

My CS case was on a definite time crunch and had gotten somewhat complex due to previous representation. Kathleen took the reins for me and did wonders to straighten out the mess that had been made by the fact that she discovered I had not been served legally. She filed the papers I needed immediately, was able to get the judgment against me overturned, and my CS case retried.

She was able to give me all the advice and information I needed to handle my case correctly and saved me a great amount of time and money that I certainly would have had to expend.

She kept me up to date and well-informed of the progress of my case the entire time, and was always quick to respond to any questions with simple and complete answers.

The keyword here is integrity. I can trust her and she's proven that to me. She does what she says she's going to do and will explain every step to you so you know and understand exactly what's going on, what the law means in your situation, and what all your options are. Not only do I highly recommend her, but I still retain her as my lawyer and will continue to do so.

Lance W.