Kathleen Brown

Janaye Williams-Bowen


Janaye received a certification in Paralegal Studies in May of 2015. She studied at Trident University by way of International Career and Development Center.

Prior to attending school for Paralegals, Mrs. Williams-Bowen worked in the Governmental, Educational and Health Care Industry. She has a passion to help others and loves to volunteer!

Mrs. Williams-Bowen is also a Notary Public of Texas.

Her primary focus for over five years concentrated on obtaining her certification so that she may succeed in the field she has always loved. Mrs. Williams-Bowens’ family is well-known in Wichita county as well. Having different backgrounds from City Councilmen to Family Construction business owners.

Mrs. Williams-Bowen prides herself not only in her attention to detail and deadlines but also working with clients to keep them informed. She understands the importance of confidentiality and talking with clients in a manner that they are comfortable.

Mrs. Williams-Bowen is a dedicated member of Overcoming Word Praise Center. She enjoys traveling and attending different outdoor activities with her family in her free time.